Is LA Still a Global City?

Event Date: 
Monday, October 3, 2022 - 8:30am to 10:00am
Event Location: 
ASU California Center
Presented by: 
Arizona State University

The idea of Los Angeles as a global city first took shape in 1909 when the city annexed nearby San Pedro and Wilmington in order to capture the vibrant trade routes passing through what is now known as the Port of Los Angeles. For more than a century these loading docks have witnessed economic booms, the unraveling of American manufacturing and an expansion of imports ushered in by the e-commerce boom.

But now we need to rewrite the screenplay of LA's global future. Transnational commerce no longer depends on shipping routes, universities are not producing enough graduates to satisfy economic growth, a growing population is draining an already strained water supply, even the movie business is seeking kinder tax climates, like Canada. What does LA need to recapture its title as a global city? Can we transform education, the environment and the lives of LA's inhabitants in new ways? What global future should we envision for the City of Angels?

Opening Remarks

Special guest, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti


Jessica Lall, CEO, Central City Association


  • Michael Crow, president, Arizona State University
  • Stephen Cheung, president, World Trade Center, LA
  • Stephanie Hsieh, executive director, Biocom CA

Registration and breakfast begin at 8 a.m.