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Recognized by U.S. News & World Report as the country’s most innovative school, ASU graduates more than 20,000 students through its nationally ranked undergraduate and graduate degree programs every year.

ASU is dedicated to building the next generation of leaders and providing adult learners access to higher education through in-person and online programs with pathways to college which meet your needs. ASU understands there’s more than one pathway to success, and that learners share a variety of interests, requiring different resources to achieve their goals. Whether you’re looking to earn your degree; learn English; take online courses from anywhere in the world; or advance your career with professional development courses, ASU offers options for every learner, at any age. Join the ASU community today!

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Start your academic journey with ASU today! It’s easy to apply. Invest in your future by enrolling in one of our nationally and internationally recognized programs taught by award-winning faculty at the No. 1 ranked school in the country.

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ASU Local

ASU Local is located in the heart of downtown Los Angeles, providing students access to flexible class schedules, hands-on projects and internships as they work alongside industry professionals in more than 100+ degree programs. ASU Local recognizes every career path looks different, which is why the program offers students one-on-one time with coaches who help create a personalized college and career plan to help students prepare for the jobs of the future.

ASU Online

Did you know California is Sun Devil country? There are more undergraduate students living in California and learning with ASU Online than any other state in the U.S. At ASU Online, we empower you to succeed with an unparalleled suite of support services including success coaching, time management tools, technical resources, high-quality courses and more.

Become a First Year Student in Arizona

No matter who you are, where you come from, or what your story is, you’ll find a friendly, welcoming community at ASU. That’s who we are — an institution that measures itself not by whom we exclude, but by whom we include and how they succeed.

Earned Admission

Earned Admission provides a pathway for students who may be academically inadmissible to Arizona State University or other colleges, giving them the tools needed to earn admission to ASU and receive a degree. Learners complete a series of credit-bearing courses offered by the university to determine their readiness and gain confidence in completing university-level courses prior to enrolling in a degree program at ASU.

Employer sponsored programs

More students in California than any other state in the U.S. leverage their education benefits with ASU through one of our many corporate partnerships. If you’re an employee of Starbucks, Uber, adidas or another one of our corporate partners, you may be eligible to receive tuition coverage or a scholarship to ASU Online.

The Starbucks College Achievement Plan is an opportunity for U.S. partners to earn their bachelor’s degree through ASU’s top-ranked online degree programs. More than 3,300 students in California are currently taking advantage of their education benefits and earning their degree through ASU, 100% online.
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The ASU and Uber Education Partnership provides Uber drivers, Uber Eats delivery people or a family member access to a high-quality education that helps them get ahead in life.
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Adidas and ASU are partnering to champion individual potential by offering 100 scholarships to high-achieving adidas employees to achieve their educational goals online
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Find the ASU that fits you

A one-size-fits all philosophy doesn’t work when it comes to picking the right college experience. Whether you want to study in-person on a large metropolitan research campus, prefer to be on a smaller campus embedded in a local community, or prefer to study completely from home, ASU has many choices.

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Global Freshman Academy

Global Freshman Academy provides an opportunity for lifelong learning with a low-cost alternative for students to increase their personal knowledge and earn college credit. Our open-scale learning platform allows all interested learners to take math and English courses to earn credits toward their freshman year prior to enrolling at the university of their choice. Learners can also take these courses on the audit track for their own personal knowledge.

Meet with local admissions representative

ASU Admission Services has several team members who are regionally based throughout California ready to assist future students in their admission and enrollment process.

Please visit to connect with your dedicated team member. 

Transfer to ASU from a California Community College


Arizona State University wants to be part of every transfer student's academic success. That is why we created MyPath2ASU™, a personalized learner navigation solution for students to fuel seamless college journeys.

The transfer experience assists with course applicability by helping students select the right classes that apply to their associate and baccalaureate degrees. By choosing an ASU major and a transfer institution, MyPath2ASU™ will outline a list of courses that can be completed before transferring to ASU and allows students to track their academic progress and plan their path toward baccalaureate completion.

MyPath2ASU™ uses a robust infrastructure that combines technology with curriculum to enable a self-service model of 400+ course-by-course pathways into ASU online and on-campus degrees. Through MyPath2ASU™, every transfer student can create their degree path, save time, money, minimize loss of credit, and receive admission into their MyPath2ASU™ major upon completing requirements.

Transfer to ASU

ASU makes the transfer from another college or university easy by working with students to transfer their credits and plan their path towards graduation with an ASU degree.

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